Bicycle shelter

A new oak-framed structure for an Oxford house.

The household are keen cyclists, and needed an open-sided structure where bicycle storage would be easily arranged.  Manifest conceived a new frame scribed in green oak, partially supported by the house wall, but with oak posts to its outer edge.  Existing services and spaces made the design conform to very tight tolerances, giving good head-heights and storage capabilities while fitting neatly under existing windows and around fans and vents.

Manifest carried out the construction, obtaining fine quality timber from Lang Forestry and scribing it in our Oxford yard.  We then put up the frame, fixing it to the house, and laid the slates – finest Welsh slate from the Penrhyn Quarry.  Lastly we installed the simple lead flashing, pointing up with a lime mortar we burned ourselves from chalk and limestone.  This is natural building in action.

The shelter boosts the sustainability credentials of the house – not only by providing much-needed space for bicycles, but by providing a ready roof for rainwater collection through a simple water-butt.  We are told this 50-gallon butt filled in only three weeks.