Historic oak-framed cottage in Oxfordshire

Traditional timber repairs to decayed elements

The cottage, listed at Grade II, had suffered from many inappropriate interventions over its lifetime, but perhaps the chief culprit for its degradation was a combination of raised ground levels and cement infill panels, which had mostly replaced the original wattle and daub.  These factors had conspired to rot the historic timbers, with post feet suffering in particular, and the sole plate on the south front having completely disappeared.

The decision was made to replace the sole plate in toto, picking up the repaired post feet with traditional mortice and tenon joints, pegged with new oak pegs.  A further rotten stud further along the south front was also repaired with a combination of face repairs and whole new elements where these had thoroughly decayed.  The plinth to the new sole plate was entirely re-built in a sympathetic red brick, laid in lime mortar.  The home owner took a very active role in the project, working alongside Manifest to recycle old daub into new wattled panels, and installing new cork insulation with lime render finishes.