Vestry Hall, City of London

Sensitive repair works to a significant historic building.

Vestry Hall was designed by well-known architect and architectural historian Sir Bannister Fletcher in the early years of the 20th century.  Now listed at Grade II, it is the home of the Ancient Monuments Society, and the Friends of Friendless Churches.  When repairs were needed, chiefly to the lead roof, internal downpipes and timber staircase, these excellent bodies turned to Manifest for help in designs, specifications and site administration.

The building occupies a very tight site in perhaps the most dense built environment in all Britain – the Square Mile.  Its fine pedimented and classically-detailed frontage can scarcely be seen along the narrow pedestrian street, yet it is a gem of a building which requires a gentle hand.  Manifest worked closely with the AMS and the Friends to produce appropriate specifications and re-decorations, inside and out.  Our contractor, Fullers Builders of London, were able to repair the timber stair in situ, greatly reducing both costs and disruption.