Loft extension to a Victorian terraced house, Oxfordshire

A sensitive design, slipped into a tight space, to provide a top-floor library

With zero impact on the public realm, this design was confirmed as permitted development and is due to be constructed in 2018. Working within very tight constraints, Manifest’s design provides a full extra storey to this small Victorian house. Extensive work with the structural engineer allowed us to provide for a full library at the top of the building, catering for the owner’s large collection. The large rear dormer faces east to the garden with a highly glazed private elevation, while internally the beautiful historic brickwork of the curved chimney flues is left exposed.

The detailing of the extension works is in traditional and breathable materials (the exception being the new dormer roof, finished in a modern membrane to allow for its low pitch, but incorporating sheepswool and wood fibre boards below). This will provide a pleasant and well-managed environment within, and has received full Building Regulations consent without the need for plastics or other damp proof courses. The exterior is finished in natural slate and untreated oak detailing.